GRONINGEN, 01/12/2018 Yesterday, Yana Poppe, a Dutch artist with Indonesian roots, opened her solo exhibition “Everyday Japan” in Oude RKZ, presenting a new series of paintings showing the daily life in Japan. The core part of her work: Brightly coloured vending machines of all shapes and sizes. Her work can be viewed and purchased until [ … ]

All Hail The King Of Dutch Cuisine

BY GEERT BROEKMANN There’s no accounting for taste. In today’s world of cultural diversity and internationalization, everyone’s culinary assortment grows by the day, even here at the Hanze. Ingredients and flavors from any continent have now made their way to any local high street, and that brings many new experiences with it. Some dishes are [ … ]

Hanzehogeschool Smoke-free

GRONINGEN, 21 Sept. – By: Roos Tuinenburg On the 19th of September the municipality of Groningen decided that some public places in Groningen can be smoke-free now. Organizations do need to request that outside their doorsteps, there can’t be any smoking from now on. This means no cigarettes, but also no barbequing and exhaust gases. [ … ]

In search of a purpose

Oct 11, 2018. By: Eigirdas Sabaliauskas Nikolay Tenev (in short – Niko) is 24 years old father from Razgrad, Bulgaria. He is currently living in London and working different jobs for the past 6 years. In this interview he shares some experiences about his life and a search of a meaning in his life.  Since [ … ]


Students Boost their Creativity at Local Museums

                                                                                                                              October 2018 | by Dzenita Merdzic It used to be a struggle for museums to get more young people to visit them voluntarily. However, that has changed. Last week when the campaign about creativity stimulations was launched flocks of students came to visit the Groninger museum. But what stimulated this change? The campaign [ … ]

A new Cold War?

23 October 2018. By Sebastiaan Tolsma In 1988, the United States of America and the Soviet Union signed the INF treaty in which they promised to disband all intermediate- and short-range missiles. This included nuclear and conventional missiles as well as the launchers. Last Saturday however, Donald Trump said that he wanted to terminate the [ … ]

“My Life Is Not Your Porn”

07.september.2018 by. Minah Lee The fifth women’s rally calling for ‘a balanced inspection of voyeuristic hidden camera crimes’. On Saturday, It took place in front of Hyehwa subway station, which is located in Daehakro, Jongno-gu, Seoul. It was the fifth protest that follows May 19, June 9, July 7, and August 4. What is the [ … ]

What’s Behind the Zoos and Circuses?

 2018/11/04 | Naiara PEREA The municipal zoo of Ayamonte Prudencio Navarro in the city of Huelva, Spain, which for years has been subject to numerous criticisms, returns to the fray after the complaint of a neighbor. She made it against the Ayamonte City Council for the extreme conditions in which animals live. They denounced the [ … ]

Wave of orange in The Netherlands

By Heawon Shin  30 Sep 2018 Many people could see Dutch athletes wearing orange uniforms at international competitions such as the World Cup and the Olympics. The color has its origin by the name of the Dutch royal family Oranje-Nassau. Orange is the color that symbolizes the dignity of classy and trustworthy royal family and The [ … ]

A piece of cake, getting a bike in Groningen

By Heawon Shin    From Argentina to Spain and from South Korea to Congo. Around 900 international students coming from more than 75 countries got acquainted with Hanze UAS, the Dutch culture, and with each other. They need to get a bike to live in ‘country of bikes’, The Netherlands.  Like this, social phenomenon that many [ … ]