Uber drivers across the world go on strike in hopes of fair treatment Aidan Fitzpatrick/Groningen May 2019 Uber and other car share drivers around the world are going on strike and planning other work actions to protest Uber’s Friday IPO. An Initial Public Offering where the company will seek to raise $9 billion in cash [ … ]

Racist advertisement sparks rage of Asian

German DIY chain Hornbach got social network terror by online users in various nationalities. “An advertisement intended to give sexual fantasy of Asian women” By: Minho Seo/ Groningen, April 2019 The issue of sexual targeting of Asian women in Germany has drawn attention following the advertisement of German DIY company Hornbach. Hornbach posted a video [ … ]

Catholic Church in Poland say “incendio!” to Harry Potter due to evil forces

By: Aidan Fitzpatrick/ Groningen, April 2019 Catholic Priests in the Northern Poland City of Gdansk performed a holy burning of sacrilegious forms of artifacts and readings on Sunday. Of the burned possessions included J.K Rowling’s bestselling Harry Potter series; the church objects to the works because they promote sorcery. The Polish church group, known as [ … ]

The Animal Hospital: A safe haven for animals

By: Minho Seo/Groningen, April 2019 Household pets in the Netherlands are increasing rapidly. It is said that there are more than 30 million pets in the Netherlands. Of course, this means that the way people treat their pets has also improved. Pets are no longer treated as a simple animal, but it is now considered [ … ]

Flying Rats

By: Isabel Frahndl / Groningen, March 2019 How to keep your balcony a pigeon free zone They coo in the morning, build nests and cover your whole exterior in poop. Especially in urban areas, it’s mostly pigeons that are less timid and more likely to intrude private spaces. Still, many people deal with them the [ … ]

Travel Guide: Rotterdam – The Modern Getaway

Monday, Jan. 7 – By Laura Nijhuis As a student, it’s nice to travel during the breaks. However, as a student, you also don’t have tons of money to spend. So why go travel abroad when your own country has a lot to offer? In the Netherlands, there are many different cities to visit. Most [ … ]

Behind the scenes – A day in a Buddhist monastery

While Catholics are struggling to keep their followers in church for Sunday services, Buddhism has become trendy during the last decades: Meditating Buddhas in between boxwood hedges of front gardens aren’t unusual, joss sticks are a “must have” in every household and Yoga has taken its place as a trend sport a long time ago. [ … ]

The Thuisbezorgd Monopoly

By Joshua Latupeirissa – 28-11-2018 Most of us know about it, are familiar with the name, the brand and the service they provide. Thuisbezorgd.nl (or Takeaway in English) the biggest player when it comes to delivering food to your doorstep. But, what does Thuisbezorgd actually do? Well, this is what is stated on their website; [ … ]