“Sometimes you have to hit bottom to become stronger than before. Sometimes fate intervenes with seemingly tragic events that instead prove to be our salvation”

By: Ludovica Panunzi / Groningen, March 2019 The story of Carlotta and her race to get better. Carlotta is a young Italian girl, a promise of regional motocross. She was born on the 6th of May, 1997 and she lives in a small village near Viterbo where she works as an accountant in her father’s [ … ]

A day in the life of a football fan

Some people may not now about the life of a football fan and what it takes to support your club week in, week out. I spoke with a football fan who travels every week to support his team. Leo van der Kleij (23) is a Dutch man who lives in Groningen. He is a great [ … ]

From wheelchair to athletics track

Janko Eelsingh: “I strongly believe that if you really want to achieve something, you can do it”

The truth about ice skating in the netherlands

Every Winter Olympics the world seems to be amazed about the typical Dutch ice-skating skills. From gold to bronze, they always try to steal the medals. But where does this love for ice-skating come from? One of the reasons why the Dutch people are so enthusiastic about the ice comes from the Reformation, claims ice-specialist [ … ]