Behind the scenes – A day in a Buddhist monastery

While Catholics are struggling to keep their followers in church for Sunday services, Buddhism has become trendy during the last decades: Meditating Buddhas in between boxwood hedges of front gardens aren’t unusual, joss sticks are a “must have” in every household and Yoga has taken its place as a trend sport a long time ago. [ … ]

Students Boost their Creativity at Local Museums

                                                                                                                              October 2018 | by Dzenita Merdzic It used to be a struggle for museums to get more young people to visit them voluntarily. However, that has changed. Last week when the campaign about creativity stimulations was launched flocks of students came to visit the Groninger museum. But what stimulated this change? The campaign [ … ]

Holland ‘Waterland’

30 Sep. 18, Groningen. F. Westerveld When you plan to visit the Netherlands, as an exchange student or otherwise, you’ll be confronted with water; a lot! Twenty six percent of Holland lies beneath sea-level. This brings not only threats, but also opportunities with it. The Dutchmen learned to manipulate the water and set it to [ … ]

SIB-Groningen: bring the world to you

Jie li 13/10/2018 Standing in front of the gate of Ukraine embassy in the Hague, SIB, one of the biggest international student associations from Groningen, was taking a group photo together, just after their one hour conversation with Ukraine ambassador minutes ago. All the group members who came from Northern and Western Europe, North America [ … ]