The Animal Hospital: A safe haven for animals

By: Minho Seo/Groningen, April 2019 Household pets in the Netherlands are increasing rapidly. It is said that there are more than 30 million pets in the Netherlands. Of course, this means that the way people treat their pets has also improved. Pets are no longer treated as a simple animal, but it is now considered [ … ]


GRONINGEN, 01/12/2018 Yesterday, Yana Poppe, a Dutch artist with Indonesian roots, opened her solo exhibition “Everyday Japan” in Oude RKZ, presenting a new series of paintings showing the daily life in Japan. The core part of her work: Brightly coloured vending machines of all shapes and sizes. Her work can be viewed and purchased until [ … ]

Wave of orange in The Netherlands

By Heawon Shin  30 Sep 2018 Many people could see Dutch athletes wearing orange uniforms at international competitions such as the World Cup and the Olympics. The color has its origin by the name of the Dutch royal family Oranje-Nassau. Orange is the color that symbolizes the dignity of classy and trustworthy royal family and The [ … ]

Public memorial for victims of Stint accident in Oss

There will be a memorial on the 8th of October for the victims of the Stint accident, which took the lives of four children. The memorial will be broadcasted live on national television as well. André Stadhouder 7 October 2018 Fatal crash The accident, which took the lives of four children and seriously injured one [ … ]