A new Cold War?

23 October 2018. By Sebastiaan Tolsma In 1988, the United States of America and the Soviet Union signed the INF treaty in which they promised to disband all intermediate- and short-range missiles. This included nuclear and conventional missiles as well as the launchers. Last Saturday however, Donald Trump said that he wanted to terminate the [ … ]

#MeToo, All In Vain?

BY GRESA RUGOVA 27/10/2018 Over 12 million people across the world have shared their experience of sexual abuse and harassment by the hashtag MeToo on social media. One year ago, Harvey Weinstein, former American film producer, kicked off the #MeToo movement and the phrase began trending. More than 80 women confessed to sexual assault allegations [ … ]

Austrias health minister Beate Hartinger-Klein