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What’s Behind the Zoos and Circuses?

 2018/11/04 | Naiara PEREA The municipal zoo of Ayamonte Prudencio Navarro in the city of Huelva, Spain, which for years has been subject to numerous criticisms, returns to the fray after the complaint of a neighbor. She made it against the Ayamonte City Council for the extreme conditions in which animals live. They denounced the [ … ]

Living on an island

Living on an island Nowadays it is quite common to do your internship abroad. A lot of schools stimulate their students to get some international experience. And you can travel to almost every country you want. It’s a very good experience to live and work abroad for a certain time. In this article I will [ … ]

Enjoy your student budget travel in Europ

5 ways to have a doable vacation during college Jie Li 23/09/2018 When it comes to budget travel, it does not have to be super cheap. For students, it is making the best use of the money in your wallet and experiencing the most wonderful sightseeing at the same time.  Traveling in Europe offers a [ … ]