The Thuisbezorgd Monopoly

By Joshua Latupeirissa – 28-11-2018 Most of us know about it, are familiar with the name, the brand and the service they provide. Thuisbezorgd.nl (or Takeaway in English) the biggest player when it comes to delivering food to your doorstep. But, what does Thuisbezorgd actually do? Well, this is what is stated on their website; [ … ]

Having dinner with a Dutch family – hospitality and typical dishes that make delicious evening

As soon as I got off the bike Eelco Kuipers came to open the door and invited me to enter. His wife, Irene Kloosterman, was preparing dinner. That evening they had three guests. Me and two other international students, Shubhra and Roman. This is because we participated in the “Experience Groningen” event, organized for the [ … ]

The treat of the Netherlands

Kade Gilliss When arriving in the Netherlands as a foreigner there are a few things that you’ll be quickly introduced to. The first will most likely be the piercingly cold weather that eats at the fingertips. You’ll then come across the many canals and streams that intertwine throughout the country. However, you won’t go long [ … ]