The Animal Hospital: A safe haven for animals

By: Minho Seo/Groningen, April 2019

Household pets in the Netherlands are increasing rapidly. It is said that there are more than 30 million pets in the Netherlands. Of course, this means that the way people treat their pets has also improved. Pets are no longer treated as a simple animal, but it is now considered as a member of a family. Some cities like Netherlands Groningen even have a dog tax. Pet dogs must be registered by the local town hall and tax administration. In context, caring pets from medical disease also became important. According to recent research, medical institutions that treat people are in decline, but the animal hospitals that treat pets are growing rapidly. We can easily see people taking their pets to an animal hospital whenever they are sick. In fact, it is measured as abuse not to taking pets to the animal hospital. In fact, the abuse of animals can be prosecuted for most countries. Then, what is the most common disease for a pet? What kind of services does animal hospital offers? Novice pet owner could have lots of questions. Thanks to Rensca, the senior Doctor of Animal hospital Groningen (Dierenziekenhuis Groningen) explains kindly about how animal hospital work.  

What is the most common disease that you care in animal hospital?

“The most common reason people visit the animal hospital is because of the diarrhea of their pets. Especially dogs are infected to diarrhea very often. Most dogs don’t really adjust their meals properly, and they usually overeat. Some cats are also infected to diarrhea too. The main reason is because of having stale food. Stale food is dangerous because it could also lead to the virus, which is the second most common reason for visiting an animal hospital. To prevent those issues, the pet owner should give an exact amount of meals for their pets. They should also give proper and fresh food for their pets. Third most common disease for pets is the flu. Like a human being, animals also catch the flu when their immune system becomes weak. It is crucial for pets to have a clean and proper environment.”

What kind of services does the animal hospital offer?

“Obviously, most animal hospitals main purpose is to cure animals. We offer many consultations and surgeries for many kinds of animals. However, there are some hospitals that offer more services. For example, our hospital offers animal trim salon. We cut the hair of pets, usually dogs and cats. Trimming hair service is very popular these days because the pet owner wants their pet’s hair to be managed nicely. Some hospitals even offer pet care services. Whenever a pet owner wants their pet to be managed by someone else, they just need to bring their pets to the hospital. Many pet owners seem to believe veterinarian for pet management, due to their professionalism. Therefore, those services are becoming more and more popular among animal hospitals.”

How many pets do you care every day?

“About 30 pets visit our hospital daily. There are 15 people working for our hospital, so mostly it is not too busy. However, if there is an urgent pet that needs rapid medical care or surgery, it became very occupied.”

What kind of animals usually visit the animal hospital?

“As many people might have thought, dogs and cats are the most common pets that visit the animal hospital. Reptiles are becoming frequent because more and more people are having household reptiles these days. Rodents and rabbits are quite common too.”

As a veterinarian, what do you think about a pet’s death?

“I personally think pet’s death has no big difference between the death of human being. Most people who visit animal hospital consider their pet as a member of the family. Pet owners grieve like one of their family members passed away when their pet has no chance to live. That’s why I always do my best to keep pets to have the best medical services. I’m quite sure that most veterinarians have a great responsibility when doing their job.”