Students Boost their Creativity at Local Museums

                                                                                                                              October 2018 | by Dzenita Merdzic

It used to be a struggle for museums to get more young people to visit them voluntarily. However, that has changed. Last week when the campaign about creativity stimulations was launched flocks of students came to visit the Groninger museum. But what stimulated this change?

The campaign #CreativityMuseumMe shows how artists use museums as a way of stimulating their creativity and their focus. The way they look at the paintings and how they interpreted the art. ‘’Young people just need to learn how to appreciate the art and they will gain so much form it.’’ Said Shawn Jansma. Jansma is creative director of the marketing department at the Groninger Museum he is sure that art can open the mind of young people and that’s why he launched this campaign. His goals are to not only teach students and young people how to look at art but also to make them visit it regularly.

An art teacher will be at the museum giving a workshop about the essence of looking at art. For students in the Netherlands entrance is free in most museums. ‘’It’s not about the money for us, it’s about the minds and creativity of young people.’’ Says Jansma with a proud look on his face. The museum wants to be an inspiration and no matter what education the students are following they are welcome at the museums to boost their creativity.

The reason why this campaign got so many students to the museums is still unknown because the data doesn’t say anything new. However, the visitors are new and so are the growing percentages on the social media platforms of many museums.

Jansen says that he doesn’t really care how they got here, just that they did and he hopes even more students will take a look and keep coming back. ‘’Maybe one day there will be a piece of art in this museum that was inspired by this campaign I would love to see that.’’ – Jansma