Wave of orange in The Netherlands

By Heawon Shin 

30 Sep 2018

Many people could see Dutch athletes wearing orange uniforms at international competitions such as the World Cup and the Olympics. The color has its origin by the name of the Dutch royal family Oranje-Nassau. Orange is the color that symbolizes the dignity of classy and trustworthy royal family and The Netherlands itself. Every April 27, The Netherlands is full of orange.

The largest national holiday

April 27 is the biggest holiday in The Netherlands which is called Koningsdag or King’s Day. It is the birthday of Wilhelm Alexander, king of The Netherlands. On this day, most of the people gather in the street or square to celebrate the king’s birthday. They use the Dutchest method of transportation, boat during the King’s Day and also enjoying their holiday on it. Especially, wearing  orange on King’s Day is heavily advised as it is the national color. Almost everyone who enjoy and celebrate this day wear orange costumes and draw the flag of The Netherlands on their face. They also have a King’s Night, a pre-party of King’s day dancing to music or enjoying drinking. The festivals are held everywhere. Additionally, the large-scale flea markets open. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of useless things and buy some necessary things.  

People gather to celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam


According to Dutchreview, a magazine of The Netherlands, almost a million people flock to Amsterdam on King’s Day every year. This year, particularly, the king Willem Alexander and his family visited the city of Groningen on King’s  Day. Jimin Kim, who was an exchange student in Leiden University also enjoyed King’s Day in Den Haag. “It was an awesome experience to me. I also bought a crown made of orange paper and drew a flag on the cheek”, she recalls. Thus, when you are in The Netherlands on April 27, you should be an orange.