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The most common struggles for foreign students

29th October 2018, Emmen, F. Westerveld

Leaving your home country to study abroad is always an adventure. And as every adventure, there will be spikes of joy and sometimes valleys of struggle. In this article, we summarized some of the most common struggles for students abroad, so that you can bear them in mind and enjoy your trip abroad to the max! We’re not talking about the


Everyone has come across stereotypes, whether you went abroad or you didn’t. Coming to a new country, you will have thoughts about how it will be and sometimes they don’t match your expectations (or they do!). On the other hand, people might have expectations about you and where you come from. Seeing trough stereotypes may sometimes be hard, but once achieved and keeping an open mind, it can make your experience abroad a lot more fun.

Where is my home?

Living abroad for a larger amount of time, one may come to struggle with their identity. Wat used to be home, may not feel like home anymore. You may become deeply connected with your visiting country and friends abroad. Keep in mind that home is an abstract concept!

Not being in the same time zone

Not being in the same time zone as your loved ones can be a bitch. At moments when you sleep, they might be off to work or the other way around. This will definitely have an impact on your sleeping pattern. Yet, appreciate internet and apps like Skype and WhatsApp. With them, your loved-ones are always close.

Bali, a popular destination among dutch students for foreign education

A different view on life

With being abroad, on your own, for a larger amount of time, your view on the world will definitely change. How is for everyone unique. Distances you thought were large before you went away, now seem a lot smaller. Maybe you even start to irritate yourself on people who complain about having to travel to work every day for an hour, as you need to travel a minimum of 10 to see your family again. Keep in mind that everyone has their own view on life and everything around us.

Most important

The most important precondition on having a great time abroad is keeping an open mind. The world out there is not the same as here, and yet it is. You always bring yourself with you. You learn to know new places and people, and because of this, you will bring a piece of that back home. Where ever home might be for you!