Living on an island

Living on an island

Nowadays it is quite common to do your internship abroad. A lot of schools stimulate their students to get some international experience. And you can travel to almost every country you want. It’s a very good experience to live and work abroad for a certain time. In this article I will talk about my findings during my internship abroad.

André Stadhouder
October 29, 2018

Where to go?
When I first thought about doing my internship abroad, I had absolutely no clue where I wanted to go. I wanted to go to a country with nice weather, because I was fed up with the weather in The Netherlands. Another big factor in choosing my destination was the cost of daily life. It’s incredible how much you pay for a beer in some countries!

However, I didn’t want to go too far away from home, because I had a girlfriend back home. I wanted to return to The Netherlands for one week during my internship, without paying a small fortune to get there. After comparing all the possibilities, I chose to go to Malta.

The island life
After an emotional farewell with my family, friends and girlfriend, I took off to the beautiful island of Malta together with two friends. We shared an apartment in the city Msida. The first thing we saw when we left the airport in Malta were palm trees. “We made a good decision!” was the first thing we said to each other.

The first two weeks were tough. Long working days and when you came home you had to do chores. Which I wasn’t used to. After a few more weeks, we got the hang of it. It all went smoothly from there on out. We partied every weekend and were goofing around a lot. This felt like the island life that we had imagined.

Panoramic view of Valletta at sunset with Carmelite Church dome and St. Pauls Anglican Cathedral. Malta

Internship and schoolwork
Sometimes it was hard to realise that I was there for school. Sure, I had to work every day, but after work the fun really began. Which was nice at first, but the amount of catching up I had to do after a few weeks was terrible. All kinds of assignments were given to us by school and we had to pass them.

I worked at Malcolm J Naudi Communication, a PR company. On my second day of work, I already shook hands with the president of Malta. It was a really nice experience to work for the company. I have met people that I otherwise would never have met. Important and prestigious people in Malta. My mentor was also one of the most well-known journalists on the island, this is why he knew so many important figures.

Work during the week, party in the weekends
There is quite a big Dutch community in Malta. There was this bar, Footloose, where all the Dutch people gathered in the weekends. The drinks were cheap and the people were nice. Life was very good for me. I also helped organize a few parties, including a boat party. This was a lot of work but it was all worth it. It was also quite weird to be in a bar which was almost invaded by Dutch people. More than a 1000 km away from home, but I could still speak Dutch in the weekends. Crazy.

Honey, I’m home
During my 22 weeks in Malta, I went back home for one week. No one knew about it, it was a complete surprise. I will never forget the facial expressions of my parents, when I walked in to the house like it was completely normal. I’m sure they missed me very much, although they always said they enjoyed my absence. It was nice to see everyone again, especially my girlfriend. However, after a few days I started to miss the island life which I was used to, so it was nice to go back to Malta for the last nine weeks.

Saying farewell
The weather was incredible when I returned to Malta for the last few weeks. I finished all my schoolwork right in time, so I could completely enjoy the last weeks of being there.

Our friends in Malta organized a big farewell party for me and my friends. We were totally surprised and it was the best time we had. They even printed out our faces on these masks. They were really going to miss us.

Warm welcome
When I returned to The Netherlands it was nice to see all my friends again. I didn’t have time to visit them all when I was on my one week holiday in my own house. During the first basketball game I was present, they organized a warm welcome for me..

When I left, I told them that I expected a banner when I got home. They did not disappoint me.

Warm welcome by basketball team