Public memorial for victims of Stint accident in Oss

There will be a memorial on the 8th of October for the victims of the Stint accident, which took the lives of four children. The memorial will be broadcasted live on national television as well.

André Stadhouder
7 October 2018

Fatal crash
The accident, which took the lives of four children and seriously injured one child and their attendant, happened on 20 September 2018. During their day at day-care Okido, they went out for a ride with a Stint, an electric vehicle which can transport up to eight children, but never returned. The brakes of the Stint jammed on a train track and they were hit by a train.

The type of Stint that crashed on the train

The memorial for the victims comes just a few days after the funerals of the children. There will be a ceremony in theatre De Lievenkamp which is accessible for invitees. The ceremony will be broadcasted to the football stadium of Top Oss, where the citizens of Oss are allowed to pay their last tribute.

In an interview with Omroep Brabant, Wobine Buijs said that “the ceremony in the football stadium is meant for citizens of Oss.” The major of Oss hopes that people from other places in The Netherlands will watch the livestream of the memorial. “The livestream will be broadcasted online and on national television” she concluded.