The other side of being a legal alien

What happens when someone who lives in abroad passes away? What happens to their personal belongings and how do they get back to their loved ones? Last summer I experienced this process. When I was staying in Malta for 6 months to do my internship I met a girl. Her name was Shannon and she was killed last summer. During my stay in Malta I also got to meet the guy that ended up killing her.

André Stadhouder
September 15, 2018

News report
Shannon’s body was found on the 3th of August 2018. The killer had stabbed her multiple times and left her for dead between two cars in Santa Venera, Malta. A passer-by found her body in the early morning when he was going to work. The police didn’t take long in finding out who did it, the accused was arrested just a couple of hours later.

Taking care of business
After the news got out that Shannon got killed, some of her friends in Malta started to arrange the transportation of her belongings to her family. In order to do this, a crowdfunding page was created. They collected over 4000 euro in just a few days. The money was needed to hire a plane which could transport all her personal belongings to the Netherlands. I spoke with my good friend Tim about it. Tim was the man behind the entire crowdfunding process and he helped Shannon’s family with the process.

“It’s just amazing how many people were willing to help. The transportation of Shannon’s belongings was very expensive. We also had to make sure that her dog could go to her family as well. The amount of people that were willing to help pay for the process just shows what a great person Shannon was”.

Passing away as a legal alien
Shannon got killed in a country where she was a legal alien. She had lived there for more than six years and was a very well-known person on the island. Most of the time people don’t think about what would happen if they die in a different country. But the amount of effort that it takes for the family to get the belongings of their beloved one back home is just unbelievable.