Enjoy your student budget travel in Europ

5 ways to have a doable vacation during college

Jie Li


A sightseeing park in Groningen

When it comes to budget travel, it does not have to be super cheap. For students, it is making the best use of the money in your wallet and experiencing the most wonderful sightseeing at the same time.  Traveling in Europe offers a new chance to explore the world in a new light.

Therefore, we search here how students who are living and traveling in Europe can best manage their budget to extend their trips and make the most of what is often a life-changing experience.


take bus or book flight early

If you come to the welcoming day this year in Hanze University, you will find a 10% discount card for FlixBus in your goodie bag. With over 1,700 destinations in 27 countries around Europe, FlixBus can basically take you anywhere you like with quite low prices. And it is particular popular in students, with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), students can get discount on every trip discovering Europe. “I took a bus to Amsterdam last month, and it’s only 7 euros. The train will be like about 20 euros.” Shin a student in Groningen told reporter.

FlixBus station in Paris

There are also several low-cost airlines in Europe and two of the most popular are easyJet and Ryanair, which you can all get the applications on your cell phone. Ryanair is a low-cost airline company. It has more than 500 routes in over 25 countries. To get those great deals on Ryanair, it’s important to book early; a month or more in                       advance is best. And be prepared to leave very early in the morning or very late in the evening for the best deals.


try P2P like Airbnb

P2P as personal to personal in financial field, can also apply for looking for accommodation during traveling. House owners can post their available houses or rooms on Aribnb with an appropriate price, and travelers can contact with them directly online.

“When we stayed in the Hague in Septemper this year, we booked an Airbnb and it’s almost half cheaper than hotels. Awesome way to experience local lifestyle!” a group of youngsters studying in Hanze University posted on facebook.


find right one through advisor app

When you travel in another total different city or country, you would definitely want to try some special dishes. But with all kinds of restaurants around you, do you know which one has the best taste and amazing price?  By using some advisor apps like TripAdvisor or yelp, you can spend less while eating fancy.

Just type in your location, all the restaurants will be shown ranked by stars and you can read all the comments before choosing one to eat. Sometimes, there are even some coupons on it.


buy online or check student discount

Always check your destinations’ website to see if they have online tickets, it’s always cheaper than offline and you don’t have to line up to buy them. When you buy tickets online for Madurodam, a famous view spot in the Hague, you can only pay 14 euros instead of 16 euros. That’s how you save your money every time.

Venus de Milo in Louvre

When traveling around EU, don’t forget to take your student card with you all the time! Taking Paris for example, nearly all the museums you can get free pass by showing student card including Louvre Palace. Want to see Venus de Milo? Take your card and get in!

Travel as a group can split a lot!

If you take a trip in The Netherlands via NS train, it’s much better traveling as a group. With four persons together, you can only pay 30 euros in total, otherwise it can cost only one person over 20 euros. Ask friends around you when you plan to travel! The more you can find, the less you can spend. And you can also save a lot money on splitting the accommodation fee.



In sum, if you follow those tips above, you may enjoy a great spring, summer, and fall break or just a simple weekend holidays.