How to survive in a dorm by Shakhnoza Bassitova

Groningen is the youngest city of Netherlands – every fifth person of the city is a student and 11% of all students are foreigners. Therefore, it is a shared opinion that it is quite difficult to find housing in Groningen. In any case, students may have several options if they start looking for accommodation in advance. Living in a student hotel, renting an apartment, studio or room – there are good options but living in a student house is the best bet.

The dorm is the birth place of sincerest relationships, and of course, the greatest parties. They are like a whole new world with their own laws and different aspects of life as a student. In general, the experience of living in a student house is unforgettable. There are always a lot of people, and it’s normal to fall asleep to loud noises. In the dorm it is never empty or lonely. But living there is for those who are strong in spirit and have a good sense of humor.

But let’s keep it real here. Going to another country for study is already quite an exciting step in the life of any student. For many youngers it is also a shock, especially if it’s their first time living alone. If it seems to student that life in a student house is a sea of fun and long-awaited independence, then he is certainly right. However, he will also come to realize that the clothing will ceased to wash itself, food no longer waits for him on the table, money seems to slip through your fingers like water, privacy and silence, for some at least, is the most valued at any time especially so after having had one’s meal. Life in a dorm is not always as beautiful and colorful, as it may seem. A student may face some troubles. Let’s examine some drawbacks of living in a student house, as reported by dorm’s residents:

Shivali, India: I really miss home. But one major drawback is that I don’t have a private bathroom and kitchen. So it is a little inconvenient sometimes.

Jahlani, Canada: there is less privacy and you have to follow rules

Mandy, Hong Kong: if you are sick or having a hard time, there is nobody to take care about you like what your family does. You have to be strong enough to face all these times alone.

Janna, Finland: you have to change the way you are used to doing things, because you have to adapt living together with strangers who have very different ways of living compared to yourself.

Majdouline, Morocco: having to talk/socialize with people when you are having a bad day/don’t feel like it, or maybe people that eat your food without your permission but that doesn’t happen often.

Indeed, life in a dorm is very different from your usual life, especially life in your home country. Here are some tips on how to make a good living in a student house:

1. Do not quarrel with roommates or neighbors. Forget about having your own personal room for the next few months. Now you may not only have a neighbor behind the wall, but also a roommate who has unfamiliar personal habits. You will learn to live with them in time. Be patient.

2. Be tolerant. A student dormitory is the whole world in miniature. If you harbor any stereotypes about certain countries and its inhabitants or representatives of certain subcultures – forget about them all. People will surprise you. Maybe in the end you will change your mind.

3. Food. You will be tempted to eat any muck that falls to the bottom of the stomach and probably poisons the rest of the organs. Even if you are very tired – try to cook and eat a normal meal. In addition, cooking is much cheaper.

4. Do not be greedy. To live in a dorm means to share.

5. The main skill in a student house is the ability to negotiate. Arrange a cleaning schedule in advance, achieve an agreement on the division of duties, etc.

6. Noise. You can’t escape from noise in a dorm, therefore it is better to buy earplugs. Furthermore, don’t be inconsiderate and don’t make too much noise.

7. Keys. Treat them like gold. Do not lose the keys from your room and always close the door.

There are many difficulties and adult problems in student life that one must solve themselves. At the same time, it is very important for students to feel comfortable in the dormitory, so that it becomes a second home. Have you already got the room keys? Are you settled? Then welcome to your new home away from home! Enjoy your student life!