‘love goes through the stomach’. This is a Dutch saying which a lot of people rely on. The Dutch don’t have their own kitchen, but they have some specialties where there good at. Dutch families eat a lot of potatoes. Fries, baked potatoes and cooked potatoes. But there is one thing that they really love and that is stamppot.

Stamppot is a traditional dish that consists of potatoes and vegetables. By making this dish you have to cook the potatoes with the vegetables and mash them. You have different kind of stamppots because you can use different types of vegetables. It is also likely to eat this with sausage.

The most famous stamppots in Holland are:

  • Stamppot boerenkool, this dish consists of kale and mashed potatoes
  • Hutspot, this dish consists of carrots and mashed potatoes
  • Stamppot andijvie, this dish consists of endive and mashed potatoes
  • Stamppot zuurkool this dish consists of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

Stamppot dates from the 16 century. The Spaniards brought the idea of mashing potatoes together with vegetables to the Netherlands. They introduced the original hutspot with mashed potatoes and carrots. The other stamppots were made up by the Dutch.

If you are looking for a good stamppot, you should try it in a restaurant or make it on your own. You do not need that much ingredients. And making it on your own tastes always better than buying a ready-made meal. Try it also on a cold winter day. This is exactly the way how the Dutch people like it. The easiest thing about this dish, is that you can also try out new vegetables when you mash it with potatoes. As long as you use the secret ingredient which is love.