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The Thuisbezorgd Monopoly

By Joshua Latupeirissa – 28-11-2018 Most of us know about it, are familiar with the name, the brand and the service they provide. Thuisbezorgd.nl (or Takeaway in English) the biggest player when it comes to delivering food to your doorstep. But, what does Thuisbezorgd actually do? Well, this is what is stated on their website; [ … ]

Dutch Cuisine. There is such a thing.

By Gresa Rugova 30.09.2018 Food is an aspect of every culture which says a lot about habits, preferences and society. Especially for foreigners this aspect becomes obvious when compared to one’s own culture The Dutch cuisine has excellent traditional food to offer from Dutch pancakes to pea soup ″Snert″ over the best cheese variety. However, [ … ]

How to Survie Your First Weeks Away From Mum’s Kitchen?

BY LUDMILLA REISINGER For the last two decades of your live lunch has been put in front of you, regardless of the time you came home. Stuff like roasted pork with vegetables, lasagne, self-made pumpkin soup, quiche and more – then comes the day you leave for an exchange Hanze and suddenly you have to [ … ]

How to cook authentic Stroopwafels and where to find them in the City

Surely you have already heard about the famous stroopwafels, even if you have just arrived in town. The stroopwafel (literally “wafer with syrup”) is a typical Dutch biscuit composed of two thin wafers between which is spread a type of caramel syrup called stroop or siroop. A legend attributes the invention of stroopwafels to Gouda’s [ … ]


‘love goes through the stomach’. This is a Dutch saying which a lot of people rely on. The Dutch don’t have their own kitchen, but they have some specialties where there good at. Dutch families eat a lot of potatoes. Fries, baked potatoes and cooked potatoes. But there is one thing that they really love [ … ]

The treat of the Netherlands

Kade Gilliss When arriving in the Netherlands as a foreigner there are a few things that you’ll be quickly introduced to. The first will most likely be the piercingly cold weather that eats at the fingertips. You’ll then come across the many canals and streams that intertwine throughout the country. However, you won’t go long [ … ]

Yes, the Dutch get high all day… On coffee

The Netherlands. Windmills, wooden shoes, canals, drugs, prostitutes, coffee bars… Wait, coffee bars? Summing up typical Dutch aspects, it seems you may want to add something new to the list, since coffee places are quickly becoming much more popular in the Netherlands. In fact, coffee bars are springing up at a rate of knots in [ … ]