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The Animal Hospital: A safe haven for animals

By: Minho Seo/Groningen, April 2019 Household pets in the Netherlands are increasing rapidly. It is said that there are more than 30 million pets in the Netherlands. Of course, this means that the way people treat their pets has also improved. Pets are no longer treated as a simple animal, but it is now considered [ … ]

Flying Rats

By: Isabel Frahndl / Groningen, March 2019 How to keep your balcony a pigeon free zone They coo in the morning, build nests and cover your whole exterior in poop. Especially in urban areas, it’s mostly pigeons that are less timid and more likely to intrude private spaces. Still, many people deal with them the [ … ]

What’s Behind the Zoos and Circuses?

 2018/11/04 | Naiara PEREA The municipal zoo of Ayamonte Prudencio Navarro in the city of Huelva, Spain, which for years has been subject to numerous criticisms, returns to the fray after the complaint of a neighbor. She made it against the Ayamonte City Council for the extreme conditions in which animals live. They denounced the [ … ]