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Yellow Blue

A profile of football trainer Henk de Jong 29th October 2018, Emmen, F. Westerveld For many Cambuur fans as myself, Henk de Jong is an absolute hero. When  first trainer Dwight Lodeweges switched to the local rival, second in command de Jong kept the ship sailing. But how did de Jong end up here? Early [ … ]

Exercising as a foreign student in Groningen

30th August 2018, Emmen, F. Westerveld A healthy lifestyle among young people is becoming more popular by the year. In Holland, an average of 67% of people between the age of eighteen and thirty exercise at least once on a weekly bases. Attending the gym, or any other sports activities, is not only good for [ … ]

A day in the life of a football fan

Some people may not now about the life of a football fan and what it takes to support your club week in, week out. I spoke with a football fan who travels every week to support his team. Leo van der Kleij (23) is a Dutch man who lives in Groningen. He is a great [ … ]

Why do the Dutch get crazy over football

Everywhere around the world, the Dutch football fans are famous. The stands full of orange shirts, crazy outfits and even crazier hats. Every two years, the Dutch march to support their team at the European or World Championships. What drives them and why do they get so enthusiastic? André Stadhouder October 25, 2018 Summertime Every [ … ]

The girl who fell in love with sport

She would not be able to picture herself without a basket standing in front of her and a ball in her hands. She spends the whole day bouncing it, shooting, passing – whatever she can think of, she will do it with those two companions beside her. Sonia Pereda is only 15, but she found [ … ]

From Totaalvoetbal to total disappointment – and back again?

The Dutch football national team still belongs to the world’s elite of football. But the great years are gone, Oranje failed to qualify for the last two big tournaments. With the retirement of Wesley Sneijder, the last representative of the successful era of the recent past, the men in orange are eventually heading into a [ … ]

How to stay in shape in Groningen?

When you are a foreign student who comes to live in Groningen, you will face a lot of new things. You have to find a new home, meet a lot of new people, and soon you will find out that the pubs in Groningen do not have a closing time. It sounds great. You go [ … ]

The truth about ice skating in the netherlands

Every Winter Olympics the world seems to be amazed about the typical Dutch ice-skating skills. From gold to bronze, they always try to steal the medals. But where does this love for ice-skating come from? One of the reasons why the Dutch people are so enthusiastic about the ice comes from the Reformation, claims ice-specialist [ … ]