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Uber drivers across the world go on strike in hopes of fair treatment Aidan Fitzpatrick/Groningen May 2019 Uber and other car share drivers around the world are going on strike and planning other work actions to protest Uber’s Friday IPO. An Initial Public Offering where the company will seek to raise $9 billion in cash [ … ]

A new Cold War?

23 October 2018. By Sebastiaan Tolsma In 1988, the United States of America and the Soviet Union signed the INF treaty in which they promised to disband all intermediate- and short-range missiles. This included nuclear and conventional missiles as well as the launchers. Last Saturday however, Donald Trump said that he wanted to terminate the [ … ]

“My Life Is Not Your Porn”

07.september.2018 by. Minah Lee The fifth women’s rally calling for ‘a balanced inspection of voyeuristic hidden camera crimes’. On Saturday, It took place in front of Hyehwa subway station, which is located in Daehakro, Jongno-gu, Seoul. It was the fifth protest that follows May 19, June 9, July 7, and August 4. What is the [ … ]

What’s Behind the Zoos and Circuses?

 2018/11/04 | Naiara PEREA The municipal zoo of Ayamonte Prudencio Navarro in the city of Huelva, Spain, which for years has been subject to numerous criticisms, returns to the fray after the complaint of a neighbor. She made it against the Ayamonte City Council for the extreme conditions in which animals live. They denounced the [ … ]

A piece of cake, getting a bike in Groningen

By Heawon Shin    From Argentina to Spain and from South Korea to Congo. Around 900 international students coming from more than 75 countries got acquainted with Hanze UAS, the Dutch culture, and with each other. They need to get a bike to live in ‘country of bikes’, The Netherlands.  Like this, social phenomenon that many [ … ]

Legal Alien

The most common struggles for foreign students 29th October 2018, Emmen, F. Westerveld Leaving your home country to study abroad is always an adventure. And as every adventure, there will be spikes of joy and sometimes valleys of struggle. In this article, we summarized some of the most common struggles for students abroad, so that [ … ]

Living on an island

Living on an island Nowadays it is quite common to do your internship abroad. A lot of schools stimulate their students to get some international experience. And you can travel to almost every country you want. It’s a very good experience to live and work abroad for a certain time. In this article I will [ … ]

The other side of being a legal alien

What happens when someone who lives in abroad passes away? What happens to their personal belongings and how do they get back to their loved ones? Last summer I experienced this process. When I was staying in Malta for 6 months to do my internship I met a girl. Her name was Shannon and she [ … ]

SIB-Groningen: bring the world to you

Jie li 13/10/2018 Standing in front of the gate of Ukraine embassy in the Hague, SIB, one of the biggest international student associations from Groningen, was taking a group photo together, just after their one hour conversation with Ukraine ambassador minutes ago. All the group members who came from Northern and Western Europe, North America [ … ]